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A Step Into Nature Tours Ltd is a local owned Company based in kigali, rwanda and specializes in the Gorilla and Chimp safaris; Adventure wildlife Safaris; Mountain climbing, Bird- watching, Cultural safaris and incentive travel in rwanda; read more..

Our Country

Rwanda is a small, land locked country in eastern / central Africa. It has five volcanoes and 23 lakes as well as several rivers. A large part of the country has an elevation of between 1,500 and 2,500 meters read more..

Rwanda Destinations

Akagera National Park

The Akagera National Park covers 1,200 km² in eastern Rwanda, against the Tanzanian border. It was founded in 1934 to protect animals and vegetation in three ecoregions: savannah, mountain and swamp

Volcano National Park

Volcanoes National Park lies in northwestern Rwanda and borders Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda. The national park is known as a haven for the mountain gorilla..

Nyungwe National Park

Intact mid-elevation forests (1600-2000M) like Nyungwe are rare in Africa, but they are important habitat for many species. Nyungwe is one of the last places in Africa to maintain this type of crucial forest.

The Beauty of our country

Rwanda is a country of many contradictions. Often referred to as "the land of a thousand hills", a paradise on earth best known for its lush forests, incredible natural diversity, its mountain gorillas and of course its beautiful people.

Special Events

KWITA IZINA - 2nd Sept, 2016

The timeless Rwandan ceremony kwita izina (to give a name) is part of the celebration of the birth of a new child in a family. This name is selected by family members and is announced during the ceremony. For three decades this same ceremony has been performed for Rwanda’s newly born mountain gorillas by rangers, researchers and those charged with the safekeeping of these unique animals. read more..

41st Annual World Tourism Conference

Kigali, Rwanda