Mountain hiking trips

The Karisimbi mountain name in Kinyarwanda means "white shell", which refers to the white-capped summit which is often seen. Karisimbi is the fifth highest mountain of Africa. This is a strenuous 2 day hike. The climb will start early in the morning and takes 6 hours. You will climb further via the Bisoke side, before reaching the first stopping place at an altitude of 3.700 m for overnight (camping).

Bird watching safaris

Rwanda is one of Africa's best destinations for bird watching. Rwanda has recorded about 650 speciesBird Watching in Rwanda of birds 44 of which can only be found in Rwanda. These include many of the sought-after Albertine Rift Endemic ('ARE's) and some of West Africa's forest specials which reach their eastern most limits in Rwanda.

Spot fishing

Rwanda is a great country for fishing locations and has 5808 lakes, rivers, streams, reservoirs, waterfalls, sandbars, and other fishing destinations to select from, all having potential for you catching your trophy fish. Our maps directory categorizes the Rwanda maps by feature type lakes, streams, islands, harbors and more.

Guided Nature walks

Guided nature walks are unique to only a few countries in Africa, providing one of the most fascinating opportunities to experience its wonderful wilderness and wildlife. Guided Nature walks are also the only way to explore forests in company of knowledgeable and well trained guides. These walks are most of the time conducted in the National Parks or Wildlife Reserves by our professional guide

Gorilla and Chimp tracking tours in Rwanda

Nyungwe Forest is at present the best typical place to track chimpanzees in Rwanda. The chimpanzee tracking and terrain is very difficult and you must be of a very good fitness in order to gain the most from this experience. The habituated black and white colobus troop is much easier to view along with a relaxing visit to the visitor centre and the orchid garden.

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